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Can Claw Machines Turn Your Kids Into Addicted Gamblers

Claw machines are getting popular among children day by day. This is very similar to slot machines, only the difference is that slot machines give money in exchange for money and these claw machines give gifts in exchange for money. So, some think that it can be addictive and turn kids into addicted gamblers in future.

Well, this is not fully wrong. There might be a possibility of that if you don’t limit your kids now. In this article, I am going to discuss that and you should read it carefully. So, let’s jump into the topic.

claw machines

How do claw machines work?

Nowadays, you can find claw machines in every big mall. This is more likely to be a slot machine. You have to give some money to play this game and in return, if you are lucky you can win chocolate bars, soft toys or any iPads or tablets. So, now you can understand why I am comparing these claw machines with slot machines. In slot machines, you also have to give some money to play and if you get lucky you can win a real jackpot which is money.

Is it turning your kids into addicted gamblers?

If you ask me this question, then I will answer yes. Sadly it is true. These claw machines give exciting gifts that kids love. So, they insist their parents give money to these machines. Playing these games regularly can build aggressiveness and you kids can lose self-control over themselves. These qualities can destroy your kids’ future. Also, these claw machines build addiction which can make your kids addicted to gamblers.

How can we stop this?

There is only one thing that you can do to protect your kids, which is put a limit on them. You need not listen to everything that they say to you. You have to decide what is wrong and right for them. Help your kids to put a limit on themselves. That is the only way to stop it. Help your kids to build some good habits like reading books, listening to songs, etc. These claw machines provide just a moment of joy, nothing else. But it can ruin your kid’s future in the long term. As a parent only you can help your kids and protect them from becoming addicted gamblers. I hope this information will help you to protect your kids from being addicted gamblers in future.