What is JWPRHM?

JWPRHM is for the diehard gambling Fan! We have moved back into focusing on other gambling beyond just poker or roulette (but we have LOTS of gambling tools), so we help you enjoy all the gambling you love to watch!

JWPRHM provides gamblers tools & resources to help them enjoy the game they love even more. The tools & simulators allow the fans to have an interactive experience. And there are many other resources like mock drafts, mock draft databases, power rankings, daily beat reporter lists, and much more. So from interactive simulators to informative resources, we have it all for multiple gamblings!

JWPRHM was created by John Powell, who are fanatical gambling fans. They decided to take fate into their own hands and start a business venture revolving around their passion.

To contact the JWPRHM team, see emails below:

Information/Questions and more – [email protected]
Media Inquiries/Press – [email protected]
Advertising/Sponsorships – [email protected]